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i want to scream. (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania , Dutch Country)
Hey there!I want to introduce myself, the true me which exists within the shell we reside in... I am a deeply caring, compassionate, empathetic soul. I love animals and children, and they are the purest form... untainted by the world, happy, loving, honest, and free-spirited. They are a great judge of charachter as well. If you dont like them, or they dont take to you; please do not reply. There is a huge difference between liking them and merely tolerating them. Physically, I am 55", and weigh about 230. I am caucasian, and have brunette shoulder length hair, and big brown eyes which when you look into will tell many a story. I have quite a few very beautiful tattoos and plan on getting more. I have a petite yet curvy/athletic build from years of ballet as a child. I have been told that I am a classic beauty many times. I am quite feminine in appearance but do not wear makeup (possibly some lipstick and eyeliner upon occasion). I love to wear dresses and skirts, (sometimes high heels too !) but am also very comfy in my chucks and sweeats. I am 35, but look quite a bit younger and am carded everywhere.I believe in love, honesty, spiritual growth, communication, trust, new beginnings, romance, taking the time to listen as well as to speak your feelings, thoughts, concerns, and emotions. I believe in reliability, and calling when you say you will.I dont believe in hate, yelling or arguing, (we can agree to disagree) promises, (it hurts when they are broken, I was married once) those who claim they have "no baggage" (if thats true then you have no life experience, sorry !) those who show off or are materialistic, (I mean we all like money but it is just a necessary evil in my opinion) talking behind peoples backs, (say it to them directly or dont say it at all) embellishing upon the truth or withholding information (this is LYING) I dont believe in fakeness or flakiness. I dont belive in war, nor the killing of animals for sport (how would you feel if the tables were turned, seriously ?!?) I dont believe in texting things like how r u me 2 ur gr8, etc. (if you are a bad speller thats ok but at least TRY, please !) I dont believe in those who are super sarcastic or make fun of others constantly. (this is different than having a sense of humor in my opinion)I dont have a type, but here are some things I look for... kindness, fairness, honesty, compassion, a positive attitude, a sense of humor, someone I can talk to for hours about everything and about nothing at all, someone who will be there through thick and thin, who belives in me, in themself, and in US. I dont care about your past. If you have suffered from an addiction or trauma so discreet relationships as you have been able to grow and learn from it and move on, that is all that matters to me. I care about the person you are today. If you are rude to those in the service industry, or do not know how to tip (stay home if you cant afford a tip !) your server or bartender it will be an immediate turn off.You should be drug and disease free (fourtwenty is not a drug) and these two are a must.You should understand romance... a hand picked flower, a little note, holding hands, giving me a back or foot massage after a long day, kissing me on the cheek, offering me your jacket if I am cold, (I promise to bring my own most of the time !) breakfast in bed on my birthday, remembering the date of our first date, etc. You should also not be a completely sappy pushover, I need you to be a man !Some things I enjoy doing are reading, writing, travel, cooking, art, electronic music, dancing, taking walks, drinking tea, wine tasting, movies, (at home moreso than in a theater) musicals and plays, ballet, opera, long conversations, and exploring all of the bountiful beauty in nature. I love underground hip hop, dubstep, and DnB amd like to go out dancing from time to time if there is a DJ I love coming through... My idea of a perfect evening is cooking dinner at home, reading a book to each other by the fire, or snuggling up on the couch with a good movie. Maybe a walk with the dog (or without) I obvioulsy LOVE parentheses, hahaha.I want the feeling of missing you while you or I are at work, waiting anxioulsy for our time together to arrive...I am clearly seeking a long term, monogamous relationship. One that lasts forever...ALSO, IMPORTANT : I want to have a baby withing the next 1 1/2 - 2 years. If you do not, please dont reply as I am not flexible on this. If you already have a child thats great as long as there is no arguing and whatnot with the mother. It would be nice if you didnt yet, and we could experience the miracles of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting together for the first time :)Please please PLEASE do not reply if you do not fit this description. It is simply a waste of everyones time.I would ask the following: (IMPORTANT)1) age2) birthsign3) location4) picture5) something about you6) what specifically made you reply to my adI am SO not interested in your myspace or facebook page, please do not direct me there.If it is too difficult for you to reply with the above, or you did not take the time to read my entire posting, then we are clearly not meant for one another and I will not respond... I am not kidding !!!So, if youre still reading (I do realize that this was quite lengthy) then perhaps we have some things in common... why not write me, and lets find out :)~ Love and Abundance To All ~

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for real.....no games......now (17325, Gettysburg, PA, Adams County)
Good girl, cute, caught in sex act shy, submissive. With secret desire to be picked up on by complete stranger and turned into his dirty little cock slave. Leaving bar soon. Serious inquiries only reply with pics and location
Looking For A Nice Gent to Enjoy Today's NBA Final with... (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania , Dutch Country)
I am looking for (1) Man only to share good conversation & fun with, maybe occassional dinner or drinks.... Seeking someone Smart & Educated, a Man that will appreciate our 'special time together' and who is both rather open-minded & respectful at the same time.... A Man that who is willing to also spoil me. Me: I am a very real, normal & free intimate personals African American Woman. I am 5'8, 180 lbs, (thick in all the right places). I am caramel complexed... I am very clean, both D&DF, immaculate hygiene. I am very discreet, respectful & very classy & outgoing. Perhaps watch the NBA Finals & just hang out on this beautiful Sunday. Please serious inquiries only....
friends (17325, PA, Adams County)
Im just lookin for some fun here ppl. Nothing serious in anyway,and free online dating intimate if possible. I'm not puttin up a pic, tlk to me and u might see one.wrk for it ****es,lol

I lost my first wife to a friend with a very large penis. We were friends, and went to the gym regularly for years, he did not ever attempt anything with my wife, until one day we had to take a shower at the gym. We came out of the shower stall at the same time to dry off, and he saw me naked. His penis was huge and thick

Adult Party Wednesday and Friday Night intimate female 17325 , Adams County)
I am feminine funny girl who likes to learn and have fun. Enjoy music, traveling, night life, sports (might not understand~ BUT LOVE TO WATCH), MOOOVIIEEES, exercising (need to do it more). I have eclectic taste in music, love art, reading.
Intelligent married women looking for fun (Gettysburg, 17325, act impossible sex , Dutch Country)
Well educated, fun loving, white bbw looking for a casual encounter with the right guy. I want someone who is also intelligent and respectful for a possible short term relationship. A little about me...I am 5 10, curvy (a size 18), with long, dark curly hair and green eyes. I will send you a pic if you do! Cheers!
me and intimate encounters dating (17325, Gettysburg, PA)
im beginning to wonder if there are any real men left. men like my grandfather that took care of his family above all else...the strong silent type. i need someone willing to step up to the plate ...take care of me and my baby. i dont want to use anyone, i just want someone i can take care of who will take care of me in return. are you out there?